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  • ICN 2019 – Arunika: A Musical

    How does it feel living with despair in a city where dreams perish easily? “It is always darkest before the dawn”, at least that’s what they said. Little did they know that change was coming.

    Inspired by one of the darkest untold stories in Indonesian history, ICN Cultural Production proudly presents “Arunika”; a musical depicting the era when slavery was widespread throughout the continent. The struggle to live in this era laid a desire to rebel in the hearts of the wronged.

    Let us witness ICN 2019 – Arunika: A Musical, brought to life for one night for an immersive and uncomfortable cultural experience. Show will commence at Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building on Saturday, 16 February 2019 at 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm. Tickets start from $18, and are available at

  • The Transition Room

    Life’s greatest questions have always been:

    Who am I?

    Where did I come from?

    Why am I here?

    Where am I going?

    The Transition Room is a one-hour-of-power play exploring the fundamental questions that have bugged humanity since the dawn of time. Utilizing absurdist elements and pushing the boundaries of theatre’s conventional rules, The Transition Room will take the audience on a journey toward the great unknown with fevered bravery.

    Date: 21 Feb to 2 Mar 2019
    Time: 3pm & 8pm
    Venue: Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building,
    Ticket Prices: $38 / $45 (Excluding booking fee)
    Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes with no intermission
    Language: English

    For tickets and/or more information, do visit

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