Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

For the curious and playful, The Artground is a curated space that is sure to awaken your inner child! Located at Block J, Goodman Arts Centre, exhibitions typically run for a couple of months. Although they’re meant for those 12 and under, I believe anyone who’s got a creative spirit tucked away within them will enjoy discovering new ideas and experiences. 

The Curious Sky is The Artground’s latest instalment, the brainchild of local artist, Ng Fongyee. The Curious Sky is a beautiful and creative playground that integrates the science of the sky into play spaces. It’s a fun, interactive, and immersive experience – featuring a huge slide and different zones built with both tactile as well as technology empowered installations. Fongyee seeks to engage children’s imagination and learning through the use of technology. 

My breath was taken away as I took in full view of how large the space was, and how each zone took up a perfect amount of space. The music was fun and quirky, absolutely befitting of the curious ones running around! There were seven main areas – The Thunder Tunnel, The Gardenigloo, The Cube of Colours, The Cloud Slide, The Water Cycle, The Molecular World, and The Baby Stage. 

Personally, I loved the Thunder Tunnel, you can shake the props to emulate ‘thunder’ and ‘flashes of lightning’ that run through the cloud decor on the ceiling! The Cube of Colours plays on RGB lights coming on at different times and different angles to create colourful shadows. Most kids enjoyed wooshing down the Cloud Slide, even I found it exhilarating!

As a local artist, or majoring in the humanities – it’s not just about writing essays or being stuck in a studio, but the impact and influence that their work has on the next generation is incredible.

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