RADWIMPS – Weathering with You


After achieving great success for their album, Your Name (and the insanely catchy song “Zenzenzense”), RADWIMPS is back with another awesome soundtrack for Makoto Shinkai’s latest animation masterpiece, Weathering with You

The soundtrack for Your Name was definitely amazing, but if you prefer an album with a more relaxed vibe that still brings out the magic of Shinkai’s films, give Weathering with You a listen. An album that is mostly instrumental might seem intimidating if that’s not your usual preference, but Weathering with You is fairly easy to get into with its light-hearted tunes. 

The tracks in the album are carried by clear and sweet piano backing melodies that will hit you right in the feels yet somehow leave you with a sense of calm. This album has been my go-to choice for the past few weeks because of its mostly slow and soothing piano tracks, and lord knows we could all use some semblance of peace as we head to class and think about the dreadful deadlines that loom ahead. 

My personal favourites  are “Fireworks Festival”, “Two Confessions”, and “Hina Fading Away” – the bittersweet sound of the strings have a way of pulling at your heartstrings. Rest assured, you do not have to watch the movie to appreciate the subtle feelings of sadness in these tunes. The aptly titled “We’ll Be Alright” is also the one track that can sum up how Weathering with You will leave you feeling. Lead singer Yojiro Noda sings with gentle conviction, about how he sees “you” shouldering the weight of the world alone and his earnest wish for “you” to be alright, is comforting in validating in our struggles, and we know that in the end, we’ll be alright.

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