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Sugar Rush

NTU CAC’s Social Committee presents CACdylicious, an event for one night where CAC members gathered to bond with their committees and made memories with their friends. Since the theme of the night was sweets, the foyer of Nanyang Auditorium found itself decorated with plastic candies in a bright dazzle of colours, featuring photo spots that included a table of assorted treats and an inflated pool filled with balloon donuts and balls. 


In the spirit of dress codes, different committees showed up in their various interpretations of vintage pastel. Arts from the Heart proved themselves to be candylicious as they showed up in pastel shirts with a letter M strung around their necks, branding themselves as M&Ms while the committee for Nanyang Arts’ Festival turned up in suspenders to show their support for the vintage aspect of the night. Others showcased their distinctive styles by turning up in bomber jackets armed with a giant lollipop, such as our Orientation Committee while our Social Committee attend the event in personalised aprons, in keeping with their identity as master chefs of the event. 


Kicking off the event with a lion dance performance, members found themselves captivated by a line of a performances throughout the night. From our Jazz & Blues club serenading us during dinner to dance items by Lindy Hop and Soul Funky, the night was kept in a light-hearted mood consistently. Game stations also enthralled the different member clubs as each participated to win prizes but more importantly, to have fun amongst themselves. Who would have thought that simple games like relaying ping-pong balls or transporting a marshmallow through an obstacle course could get our members so excited?


In addition, the event also included an activity booth where members could customise their own cup holders or pouches. Some took the opportunity to make an item that symbolises their committee or club while others simply had fun drawing their favorite cartoon characters like Peppa Pig and Totoro. Furthermore, a photo booth was also available at the entrance for the foyer for members to take pictures with their friends and have a physical print for keepsake. 


The night gradually grew to an end as the emcees conclude with the event’s lucky draw and prize presentation ceremony. Nanyang Arts Festival was awarded 3rd place for the games that night while Lindy Hop obtained 2nd place and Orientation Committee emerged champions. Lindy Hop also managed to clinch the title of Best Dressed Of The Night. 

Undoubtedly, Members’ Night was a great opportunity for members to come together as one while bonding with their individual teams and clubs. It showed that CAC was not just a platform for learning but also a place for friendships and fun. As Kiara from Soul Funky sums up “[the night had] good food and decorations [with] amazing company and stunning entertainment”, making it almost perfect and “[It was also like a] blast to the past, [making it] feel like the good old days again,” says Felicia from Soul Funky. Unfortunately, members would have to wait another year before they get to meet again like this. Nevertheless, I am sure that they will return, hungry for more.

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