Special Features

Special Features

Before arriving in Singapore, I had the privileged opportunity to explore Hong Kong’s newly opened M+ museum in its opening week. One of the most expensive and sizeable museums in [ … ]

‘The Almighty Sometimes’: Searching for Identity Amidst the Chaos of Mental Illness

When we think of stories about mental illness, it is common to recall stories originating from the individual’s perspective, where they experience the challenges that come with having a mental [ … ]

Pangdemonium’s Girls & Boys Review

Produced by Singapore Theatre company Pangdemonium and played by Nikki Muller, Girls & Boys, a play by Dennis Kelly originally performed at the Royal Theatre, is now in Singapore.    [ … ]

Havoc Girls & Kamikaze Boys

These pandemic-era social distancing measures have changed theatre and the way we enjoy it — whether its zoom performances or live streams, most of us now view performances from the [ … ]