Special Features

Special Features
A Walk into the New World and Its End

The soft rhythm of gentle footsteps echoes in your ears. Pat. Pat. Pat. Involuntarily, your feet move to the beat, carrying you closer and closer to the inverted iconic landmark. [ … ]

The Past Not Yet Gone

Lit solely by shadow, fragile forms strain under an otherworldly weight. Emerging from the inky dark, their trembling forms resolve into marionettes jerked upright by the whims of the unseen.  [ … ]

The Walk of Lights at Gardens by the Bay

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Gardens by the Bay.    Christmas Wonderland is one of the biggest year-end festive events in Singapore, attracting millions of visitors [ … ]

Walking with Dinosaurs

Get ready to travel back in time – 65 million years to be precise – and experience a world where dinosaurs are king. Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience is [ … ]